How To get 4000 hours of watchtime on youtube fast (New Strategy)

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If you are also in order to monetize your YouTube channel then you need to complete the threshold given by youtube and that is you need to complete 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of watchtime on your channel. (how do i get 4000 hours of watchtime on youtube)

So If you have completed your 1000 subscribers threshold then congratulations and if you are thinking of completing your another threshold for monetization that is 4000 hours of watch time then you might be on excellent place because in this post I am going share Top 6 tricks to get 4000 watch hours on your YouTube channel ,


so what you have to do is that you need to read this post fully and I am sure these pro tips will help you so much because these tips also help me a lot .


!!Wait. Before moving towards tips let first discuss the mathematical calculation of watch time .

“Mathematical Calculation of Watch time”

4000 Watch time = 240000


Now if you make 10 minute videos on your youtube channel and you get on average a 50 average view duration on your videos then that is five minutes of average watch time per video on your channel 240 000 total watch minutes which is needed to get monetized on youtube divided by 5 minutes of average watch time per video equals 48 000 .


So in this case you only need 48 000 views across all of your youtube videos on your channels in order to get those first 4 000 hours of watch time and get monetized on your channel .


Let’s break it down even further if you upload 33 different youtube videos you only need an average of 1 455 views per video and if you upload a hundred videos you only need an average of 480 views per video and you might be saying well that’s a lot of views how in the world am i supposed to actually get 48 000 views on my videos well the good news is that it’s not as hard as you probably think.


So now let just talk about the steps that you need to follow to get 4000 watch hours on your youtube channel.

 #1 Make Videos Longer Than 10 Minutes


The first Step you need to do is to make videos more than 10 minutes and the reason Why I am telling you to create videos longer than 10 minutes is that when you create a longer video than your typical average view duration is longer than as usual .

Lets understand this strategy with an example 

When someone watches 30% of a 10 minute video that’s three minutes of watch time whereas if someone watches 30% of a 1 minute video that’s only 18 seconds of watch time .

 so now you will start to see the benefits of producing longer videos because you’regoing to get more watch time per view on those videos meaning that you have to get less views overall on your channel in order to get those first 4000 watch hours .

Another benefit of producing videos that are longer than 10 minutes is that once you get monetized you’ll be able to put multiple ad breaks on your videos and make a lot more money as a result.

There is another benefit of creating longer videos is that you can put multiple ad break on your videos and make a lot of money as a result.

#2 Make List Videos

You might be wondering how you can actually produce videos that are longer than 10 minutes , what are you going to say in the videos and how can your videos actually be structured well list videos are an amazing structure to apply to video on

your channel and it makes it a lot easier to produce these 10 minute long videos and in turn get more watch time and i’m sure you’ve seen list videos out there on YouTube.

 For example the top 10 fastest cars, the top 10 biggest dogs in the world and videos of this nature and you could apply list videos to almost any different niche and any different subject out there on YouTube that you’re talking about to demonstrate why list videos are so good for example if you make a 10 minute video

 about the top 10 biggest dogs then you only have to talk about each different dog for one minute each and just like that you have a 10 minute video so whatever you’re talking about if you make top 10 videos then all you have to do is talk about each subject for only one minute each and then at the end you’ll have that 10 minute video.


#3 Use Playlist Correctly

Whenever you go through youtube and search for How to get 4000 Hours of watchtime and you click on a video in search of the techniques and you find that they tell you to create playlist for your videos but they don’t teach you the correct method of creating playlist.

The reason you want to make playlists for each of these different subjects is that every time you link to one of these videos or you leave links in the description of one of your videos or people go to your channel and they look at your playlist every time you get a viewer in the


playlist environment you’ll get a lot more watch time as a result and you might be saying well how’s that possible that’s because when someone clicks to watch a video


from a playlist link and you get them in a playlist environment they will automatically after they’re done watching that video be prompted to watch another one of your videos and another one of your videos and another one and that in turn


is going to get you a lot more watch time and get you a higher session time on YouTube meaning that every single person who watches one of your videos on

average will watch more of  your videos if you can get them into a playlist environment so it’s really imperative that you use playlists correctly on your youtube videos and you’ll get a lot more watch time as a result.


#4 Add Most Popular Video Section To Your Channel


This technique works well to increase your watch time 2x time faster because when a new viewer watch your video , then there is 70 % chance that viewer will check out your channel to know more about you.


When user lands on your channel then the first impression is your featured video and your uploaded are there . So what you have to do is just add a New section for your popular videos that are getting so much watchtime and name it as Popular uploads.


And when new viewer or returning viewer come to your channel then he / she might be able to know about your popular upload and you can convert that traffic in more watchtime.

#5 Do Live streams

Doing live streams is one of the most under looked ways on how you can get 4000 hours of watch time on your YouTube channel and the reason that is because live streams typically have a very high average view duration due to


the fact that people who join live streams typically watch him a lot longer than watching like traditional videos so all you really need if you’re doing livestreams is for a couple of people to join those live streams and this can add up very fast.


So live streams can be incredibly powerful and this one was just under two hours long so if you can go even longer than two hours you can really start to add up the watch time .

#6 Upload 25 Different YouTube Videos

Tip number six is to upload 20 different YouTube videos now if you don’t have any videos up on YouTube Chanel then you’re not going to get any watch time and i know that seems self- explanatory but i see so many people


out there give up uploading on YouTube after they’ve uploaded only 10 videos and I really urge you to really give it a shot and upload at least 25


different youtube videos and then go in and analyze the analytics of those videos see which videos of yours are getting the highest watch time the highest average view durations and then make more videos like that and the

reason i say 25 is because that’s what I have observed to be the average amount of videos on YouTube channels that i’ve ran until one of them does take off and you could get lucky right off the bat and within your first 25 videos one of them might even take off and you might get those 4000 hours of watch time.


Friends I hope you got the tricks and tips to get complete your 4000 watch time on your youtube channel and I might pray that you will get success in your youtube journey as soon.


So friends if you like the post(how do i get 4000 hours of watchtime on youtube) and have learned something than make sure you share this post with your friends , family and your social media handle also and if you have any suggestion or any question for us then don’t hesitate and ask in the description box.


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